Monday, April 1, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

866.  Hands lifted in praise

867.  Learning about missionary work in Malaysia

868.  That my children were inspired by the Malaysia presentation to consider mission work

869.  Whistling tea pots

870.  Playing SkipBo with friends

871.  Antique beds

872.  Bradford pear trees in bloom

873.  Pussy willow trees

874.  Historic town squares

875.  Our friend graciously offering to pick up dinner for our children while we were prepping for a concert

876.  Oatmeal raisin cookies

877.  Handwritten memories that touch the heart

878.  Surprise discounts

879.  Sea dragons at the Aquarium

880.  Trying new foods in a different region of the country

881.  Seeing an underground waterfall

882.  Tour guides with a sense of humor

883.  Dry snow that swirls and twirls in the chilly air

884.  Hot coffee on a cold hike

885.  Sweet tea

886.  Free laundry detergent at the hotel

887. The preservation of history through diaries and letters

888.  Coke floats

889.  The nice man with the telescope...

890.  ...who let us see a baby eaglet in its nest...

891.  ...while the beautiful and protective mama eagle looked on

892.  That she loves to name all of the animals she encounters

893.  The imaginative names she comes up with

894.  Spice cake with creamy frosting

895.  Morning sun streaming in the window

896.  How easily they meet and befriend other children

897.  The gracious welcome we received into their homes

898.  Hearing their giggles upstairs

899.  Sweet, endearing little puppy faces

900.  Boys watching basketball on tv

901.  Hearing their running commentary on the game

902.  Those who are willing to listen

903.  Late morning flights

904.  Moving walkways when you are laden with luggage

905.  When all the checked bags arrive

906.  Walking in the front door

907.  The smell of home

908.  Fuzzy bathrobes...

909.  ...familiar coffee...

910.  ...the comforts of home

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  1. Delightful list of sweet blessings:)The history, the nests - the naming - and everything inbetween! Made me smile! Wishing you blessings this week!