Monday, December 16, 2013

One By One

1116.  A next-day appointment with the specialist

1117.  Being awakened at 5:56 a.m. with an excited whisper..."Mom!!!"

1118.  Holding her hand as we tiptoe downstairs to look out the window

1119.  Snow on the valley floor!

1120.  Going back to bed knowing we can sleep in (no school!)

1121.  The kids' "No School Because of Snow" dance!

1122.  Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows

1123.  Eaves lined with icicles

1124.  Choosing just the right Christmas tree

1125.  Watching the children decorate the tree

1126.  Going outside in sub-zero weather, just to feel what that is like!

1127.  A toasty warm house to retreat to!!!

1128.  That our pipes didn't freeze

1129.  Beautiful sunsets several days in a row

1130.  Walking together in the snow

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