Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

391.  Making a big pot of turkey noodle soup

392.  Bright orange flowers in the backyard

393.  Watching him act in a leading role of the school play

394.  Graduation ceremonies that honor God

395.  Hills carpeted in stately evergreens

396.  Roads lined with brilliant golden scotchbroom

397.  The smell of fresh cut grass

398.  Garage sale treasures

399.  Fourteen geese in a row, gliding with the current

400.  How her golden hair flows when she dances

401.  Seeing the fog roll in

402.  Peaches and cream taffy

403.  A successful experience taking her first State test for homeschool

404.  A picnic on the beach

405.  Watching her hunt for seashells

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