Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

436.  Holding her while she cries

437.  That she scooted her plate and chair a little closer to mine, and started a conversation about something on her mind

438.  Frozen yogurt with fresh, seasonal fruit on top

439.  A long, leisurely lunch with a friend

440.  Walking in the rain

441.  Playing Imaginiff with the family

442.  The earthy smell of a strawberry field

443.  Picking strawberries with my daughter and one of my dearest friends

444.  Talking about the Lord while we picked berries

445.  Hearing my daughter yell "Jackpot!" every time she found a big cluster of bright red berries on a bush

446.  Yummy ice cream after working in the sun for so long

447.  Getting all of the dirt and strawberry stains out of her new shorts

448.  Listening to sermons while I washed and prepped the berries for the freezer

449.  That she stood next to me for an hour and patiently handed me berries while she watched and learned what I was doing

450.  Putting 13 quarts of berries into the freezer

1 comment:

  1. Save some for strawberry shortcake. :)

    Love, Mom