Monday, July 30, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

466.  Sun hats

467.  Seeing something new in a familiar Scripture

468.  Teaching my daughter how to look at sewing patterns, read the back, and find the fabric

469.  That his computer died when it did, giving us time to deal with it

470.  That the computer was still under warranty

471.  That no critical data or family photos were lost

472.  Wild sunflowers on the side of the road

473.  Deer grazing in a meadow of yellow wildflowers

474.  Attending the evening lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore

475.  Singing the national anthem

476.  Seeing veterans fold the flag

477.  Watching prairie dogs poke their heads out of their holes

478.  Ice cold cream soda after a long, hot hike

479.  Going on cave tours and seeing evidence of God in creation underground!

480.  The random way in which family jokes get started


  1. So glad you didn't lose anything with the broken computer! Wonderful list. :)

  2. Both of your posts today are delightful, Julie. I wish I could have seen those prairie dogs poke their noses out of their holes--but the evening lighted patriotic ceremony at Mount Rushmore must have been
    the highlight of your trip!~~Love, Mom