Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

496.  The sweet smell of hay

497.  Reviewing my grocery list and discovering that "a pony" had been added in my nine year old's best handwriting

498.  The subtle sweetness of a juicy pear

499.  Reading Anne of Green Gables to my daughter at bedtime

500.  Hearing her ask for "just one more chapter!"

501.  Fields full of golden hay windrows

502.  Exercising with my son

503.  Giving my desk area a makeover

504.  Going to the movies

505.  Her letter from summer camp

506.  Iced coffee

507.  Getting caught up on paperwork

508.  The quirky things our cat does that make us laugh

509.  That my son chose Philippians 4:13 as his life verse

510.  How excited she was to show us what she had learned at horse camp


  1. Wonderful list of gifts!!! #507 is a good one. :)

    1. Thanks, Tammy! On some of that paperwork, I was a year behind! Yikes! It felt great to get it caught up and organized. :)