Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

841.  The plaintive bleating of a flock of lambs

842.  Shoebox dioramas

843.  That my hand is only sprained and bruised, but no broken bones

844.  Helping my husband on a project and gaining a new understanding and appreciation for how hard he works

845.  Free espresso as part of a local bank promotion

846.  Fragrant flowers

847.  Daffodils trumpeting the arrival of spring

848.  A chorus of croaking frogs at twilight

849.  Watching sheep be unloaded from a big semi truck

850.  Standing among 20 children, noses pressed to the fence, watching the sheep be unloaded

851.  Watching the sheep literally jump and leap down the ramp into the pasture

852.  Children squealing with delight when a sheep would leap down the ramp

853.  That my son did an excellent job helping me grocery shop...

854.  ...and did so with a happy heart

855.  Sitting on the front porch at daybreak

856.  Hearing the fluttering wings of two ducks as they flew overhead

857.  Birds singing to their Creator

858.  The long, slow, rhythmic croak of a frog

859.  Rest

860.  The look of confidence in her eyes when she told me she got 100% on her spelling test

861.  Ice cream cake

862.  Old movies that make you laugh

863.  My daughter being selected for the Wall of Honor at school

864.  How much she admires her brother

865.  A new yummy quiche recipe

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