Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

Life has been very hectic lately, and I have had to take a break from blogging.  I have done my best to continue to count over the past month!  This is longer than my normal entries...so thankful for His gifts...

926.  Longer daylight hours

927.  Study guides

928.  Gifted instructors...

929.  ..who love their job...

930.  ...and make class fun

931.  Test results that come back benign

932.  Decluttering

933.  Packing tape

934.  My son's perseverance with a piano piece he is struggling with

935.  The joy on her face when she dances

936.  That the rain held off during her outdoor performance

937.   Friends who love and support our children

938.  Two geese safely herding about 20 baby goslings across the highway

939.  Monster cookies

940.  That he passed his piano piece!

941.  Finding local companies that have integrity and a strong work ethic

942.  People who work quickly to right a wrong

943.  Discovering a new chocolate factory

944.  Touring the factory

945.  Learning that their chocolate is organic, fair trade, and non GMO

946.  All the chocolate samples we could eat!

947.  Getting a hug from a cousin I haven't seen in a few years

948.  When He meets our needs before we ask

949.  Friends who are sensitive to the Spirit and respond to His prompts

950.  Driving through Snoqualmie Pass

951.  State of the art concert venues

952.  Getting a hug from another cousin I hadn't seen in at least 10 years!

953.  Spending a day playing board games with friends

954.  Homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries

955.  That he got an emergency chiropractic appointment

956.  Seeing how our friends' children have grown and matured

957.  Learning to play Carcassonne

958.  Sitting by the fire pit on a cool spring night

959.  Ooey gooey s'mores

960.  Learning all kinds of tips and tricks from my sweet friend

961.  Visiting Shoshone Falls

962.  Hiking near the Falls

963.  A beautiful ham dinner (complete with dessert!) with our friends

964.  Listening to the kids play flashlight tag

965.  Random, quirky markets in the middle of nowhere

966.  Stopping to pray

967.  Discovering a new flavor of tea

968.  Listening to thunder rumble outside while he plays the piano

969.  Cookies for Mother's Day

970.  Her wonderful homemade card complete with rainbows and a sweet message

971.  Mother's Day brunch with friends

972.  Watching base jumpers in the Snake River Canyon

973.  Roadrunners

974.  Arriving home to a clean house

975.  Friends who drove a half hour to meet us at the ER...

976.  ...just to give us a hug and be supportive

977.  His successful CD release concert

978.  Two well-deserved standing ovations

979.  Post-concert feedback that told him how much the night ministered to others

980.  The homemade dinner my parents brought to help ease us into another busy week

981.  The dental tool my daughter's hygienist gave me to help care for her teeth

982.  My beautiful mom, so full of grace and so understanding and quick to forgive...

983.  ...when I felt forgiveness was needed, she insisted it wasn't, but gave it anyway

984.  Coffee with my sweet friend Becky

985.  That my children love simple dinners like soup and salad

986.  Tech savvy friends who helped me find lost data on my phone

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