Monday, February 3, 2014

One By One

1131.  Christmas 2013

1132.  Sampling my brother's cooking for the first time (yum!)

1133.  The first day in six weeks she said she didn't have a headache from her concussion

1134.  Playing Scotland Yard with friends on New Year's Eve

1135.  Making a special breakfast New Year's Day

1136.  When my pastor put his arm around my son and said, "Come with me, I need your help."

1137.  Little lambs with their heads poking out of the tall grass

1138.  Being a guest speaker at their school chapel

1139.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce

1140.  Reconnecting with my friend Caryn

1141.  That the first Whisperings All-Star Award show was a success

1142.  Sitting on a sea wall in the sunshine, talking with my husband

1143.  Wandering around Laguna Beach, espresso in hand

1144.  Watching the sunset on a deserted beach with my husband

1145.  When she asked her Grandpa if he could make blueberry pancakes...

1146.  ...and he made it seem like a great idea (even though it was already on the menu)

1147.  That she's learning at a young age the importance of keeping your word...

1148.  ...even under intense peer pressure

1149.  Watching my son play a piece written by his father...

1150.  ...and that he did a beautiful job!

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