Monday, February 10, 2014

One By One

1151.  Sitting next to my friend M during worship

1152.  Being an adviser for the yearbook

1153.  That my "techie" husband solved my computer woes...

1154.  ...and did so with incredible patience (with me and the computer)!

1155.  Blankets of snow...

1156.  ...and the hush it brings to the world

1157.  Impromptu lunch with a friend

1158.  Eating DQ Blizzards in a snow storm!

1159.  Trees full of plump, red-breasted robins

1160.  Being snowed in...

1161.  ...which meant more family time together

1162.  That we only lost power for a minute

1163.  Watching the Olympics with the family

1164.  Breaking in my new popcorn popper!

1165.  Finding the lid to my favorite casserole dish that got 'lost' in the move six months ago!

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