Monday, December 8, 2014

One by One

1221.  All of the different kinds of palm trees

1222.  Hot tubbing under the stars

1223.  Watching him read Scripture to our children on a sunny bench

1224.  Date milkshakes  (a first!)

1225.  A day at the San Diego Zoo

1226.  Koala bears

1227.  "I love Pop" written in the sand

1228.  Father and daughter standing quietly, staring at the ocean

1229.  When you meet someone for the first time, and it feels like you've known them for years

1230.  Winning the table decoration contest at the Spring Tea fundraiser

1231.  Seeing the yearbook come together

1232.  Receiving "Mom, can you come get me?" texts

1233.  The grateful look on his face when I handed my cold, wet, muddy boy his favorite hot decaf mocha

1234.  Best Mother's Day ever!

1235.  The wise counsel my daughter's teacher gave her...

1236.  ...and that she prayed with her...

1237.  ...and spoke words of life and encouragement into her hurting heart

1238.  End of the school year ice cream parties

1239.  Celebrating 25 years of marriage!

1240.  Surprising my "summer birthday girl" with an early birthday party in her classroom

1241.  Balloon bouquets

1242.  How well she danced in the local talent show

1243.  Hay bales dotting the fields

1244.  Watching birds build a nest in the eaves

1245.  How quietly the mama bird sits each day

1246.  How alert and watchful she is over her nest

1247.  Seeing two tiny baby birds peek their heads over the edge!

1248.  Hungry beaks open wide

1249.  My mom, an expert at altering clothes and costumes!

1250.  Photo scavenger hunts

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  1. Jealous! You were in our hometown. I bet u loved the traffic!