Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One by One

1251.  Watching him graduate from the eighth grade

1252.  Winning an award for volunteering at the school

1253.  Razzleberry pie a la mode

1254.  First day of summer vacation

1255.  That our cat (finally!) likes to spend time on our laps

1256.  Having coffee with my mom

1257.  Discovering a third baby bird in the nest!

1258.  Watching a baby bird try its wings for the first time

1259.  Finding important papers that were "missing" for about a month

1260.  Seeing her paint on the back patio

1261.  Taking him to his first football practice

1262.  Hearing him tell me all about practice

1263.  How hard they worked on a one-day job for a local tree farmer

1264.  Birdsong in the backyard

1265.  Fresh breezes through the screen door

1266.  Her eleventh birthday

1267.  Listening to her talk and laugh with her three best friends

1268.  When the cat burrows in wrapping paper

1269.  Successful dress rehearsals

1270.  Prayer circles before performances

1271.  Watching her dance beautifully while he plays the piano

1272.  When he smiled at her through the open lid of the piano

1273.  When she gets the giggles and can't stop

1274.  Teaching him how to solve a Sudoku puzzle

1275.  Doing a photo shoot in an old historic clock tower

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