Monday, March 2, 2015

One by One

1395.  A carload full of their friends

1396.  Listening to them chatter and be goofy

1397.  When my son taught me how to do a trigonometry problem just for fun...

1398.  ...and I successfully did one on my own!

1399.  Springtime weather in February

1400.  Grandparents' Day at the school

1401.  Singing patriotic songs with people who have served our country

1402.  Listening to my dad speak about his service during the war

1403.  Seeing his medals and uniform patches for the first time

1404.  That the class showed respect and asked good questions

1405.  A memorial service that beautifully honored a dear friend

1406.  The life and friendship of M.N.

1407.  The poignant reminder that life is fragile...

1408.  ...and every second is a special gift

1409.  The aroma of fresh baked banana bread

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