Saturday, January 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Roar

I'm linking with Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday series. She encourages her readers to write for five minutes on a given topic, not worrying about editing, etc. Just write what comes into your mind. The word for today is:


One of the names for Jesus is the Lion of Judah.


Jesus knew the moments to “roar” (when he threw the moneychangers out of the Temple).

Jesus knew the moments to remain silent (in the face of abuse and false accusations).

I can’t help but think about the lions I have seen on the Discovery channel. I have seen great power unleashed when they roar to protect their own. Their power looks different, but is just as evident, when they sit in the hot sun of the savannah and quietly observe the terrain. That is the look of power under control.

Just this week I decided to make a one word New Year’s resolution. The word I chose was “courage.”

I would love to be able to roar, but because I struggle with fear and self-doubt, it feels like my voice is more of a “mew.”

My prayer and focus for this year will be to build courage.

It takes courage to roar.

It takes courage to remain quiet.

It takes wisdom to know which response is appropriate.

I will look to the Lion of Judah as my example, and find courage in Him.

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  1. I had a few minutes to stop by for the first time.
    Speaking as a homeschooling mother whose made it all the way to the point my boys are in College....I say with confidence, that loving parents are always going to have concern about how they are doing, but the Heavenly Father will guide you and His Son will lift you up all the way. It is so worth it when the elderly say, "You have such nice, polite boys." That is your true report card on how you are doing. I've never met a homeschooler who didn't feel self-conscious about how they were doing.

    I just wanted to say, what a nice page and blog Julie. I'm glad I found a few minutes to pop by.
    I am teaching Physics, Basketball to 6 to 10 year olds at TEC (the Enrichment Cooperative) and journalism to 11 to 15 year olds along with coaching our Jr. High Age basketball team, along with getting Bryce and Robbie dropped off at their different college campuses, so it's pretty busy here. I am so glad I peeked in at your page, because it's very uplifting.
    Love ya, your cuz Lyla