Monday, January 30, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

151. Hearing her sing praise songs when she is supposed to be brushing her teeth

152. His cheery smile and wave as he heads to his classroom

153. That she feels free to add Cheezits and "lasonya" to the grocery list

154. Frosty mornings

155. The way empty swings sway lazily back and forth in the afternoon breeze

156. Hearing "I'm your biggest fan!" from my daughter

157. Having friends over to watch football

158. Cranes flying overhead

159. Clean drinking water

160. Podcast sermons

161. Sweet and sour chicken

162. Palm trees at twilight

163. Riding on a ferris wheel overlooking the ocean

164. Watching birds play at the edge of the surf as the tide comes in

165. The delicate underside of a palm frond

1 comment:

  1. The four "gifts" which you listed as memories of your children remind me of one of the most favorite ones I have of you. When you were five years old (well, short of a few days) you stood in your little blue dress with blue and white striped trim and smiled sweetly for me to take your picture beside our black, ornamental iron fence. Then you turned and walked confidently up the hill with your big brother, looking back once to wave at me. This was your first day of kindergarten. I smiled bravely and waved back at you, then went inside and shed my "real" feelings.

    Love, Mom