Monday, April 23, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

316.  Having tea with a table full of women that I love and admire

317.  The roar of the ocean

318.  The sound of water rippling over a bed of rocks

319.  Those two sounds together

320.  The Living Water

321.  A quiet room to study in

322.  Driving along the Oregon coastline

323.  When he told me he admired my persistence

324.  Meeting a friend in a parking lot on the way home and chatting for a few minutes

325.  My dear friend and sister in Christ, Marilyn

326.  The first evening walk of the year

327.  The scent of cherry blossoms in the breeze

328.  Christian retreat centers

329.  The power in His name

330.  Prayer warriors


  1. Where are you in Oregon? general area? I am in oregon too.

  2. Dear Julie,

    Your reference to "Oregon", "a parking lot" and "cherry blossoms" begs me to point out that Oregon has the world's most beautiful parking lot! The Willamette Valley Medical Center parking lot in McMinnville is stunning this time of year. Various shrubs and clusters of tulips and pansies stand out in their reds, yellows, and lavendars against patches of neatly trimmed grass. A tall, stately tree radiantly arrayed in white blossoms reigns in splendor head and shoulders above a dozen or so ornamental cherry trees bursting with pink blossoms. Yesterday, as we left that colorful scene, I asked your Dad, "Can you find the bride and her train of bridesmaids dressed in pink satin gowns?" He looked around the landscape quizzically for a moment, then said "Oh!" and smiled in agreement.

    ~~Love, Mom

    1. That imagery is so vivid I can see it in my mind's eye! Wow! :)