Monday, April 30, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

331.  Spending a lovely weekend with my sisters in Christ

332.  Phone batteries that last longer than expected

333.  Red-breasted robins

334.  Lunch on the patio

335.  Coming home to a house that is cleaner than I left it!

336.  Finding a verse that applies to a current problem

337.  Gracious neighbors

338.  Planning a weekend getaway

339.  Observing and learning about sugar gliders

340.  Listening to her chatter while we rode the school bus

341.  Free coffee

342.  Watching her dance in the park

343.  The roar of 2 F-15's flying overhead

344.  Vitamins

345.  Lazy Sunday afternoons


  1. Super list! I really like the surprise of #335!

  2. I love near an Air Force base so I'm definitely used to the sound of engines overhead! When bomber flies over it feels like the windows might just shatter! I love the simplicity of your list - so beautifully laid out.