Monday, May 7, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

346.  A husband who loves to grill burgers when I don't feel like cooking

347.  Date night with my son

348.  Watching him try to eat with chopsticks

349.  Laughing at silly "fortunes" in the cookies

350.  Moving to the advanced level of a skill I am learning

351.  Eating breakfast in pj's

352.  Fresh blackberries

353.  A room with a view

354.  Pastel sunsets over the ocean

355.  Watching a bird land on the water...wings stretched, legs extended

356.  Finding a rock that is encrusted with fossilized sea shells

357.  Seeing the reflection of clouds in wet sand

358.  Finding a new restaurant with yummy food

359.  Fish tacos  (Who knew they could be so good!)

360.  Splurging at the candy store

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