Monday, September 3, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

526.  A new roof

527.  Our new piano teacher

528.  When the kids sat quietly through the meeting

529.  Finding a cute apron on sale

530.  Helping my friend pick out fabric for a project

531.  Getting recipes sorted and organized

532.  Airing out the house

533.  Fresh summer breezes

534.  Finding a Starburst on my laptop (gift from my daughter)

535.  Klondike bars

536.  Skipping down the street with my daughter

537.  Blue moons!

538.  Enjoying dessert with friends

539.  That he values my opinion as a musician

540.  New coats for the children


  1. It makes me appreciate just reading how God blesses you !

  2. Here's a good one I saw just last night:

    Three deer grazing in the gathering
    evening shadows of a roadside field.

    Bet you can just picture that! By the way, reading your thoughtful list gives me a wonderful little peek into what's going on in your life these days. That always makes me smile (or laugh out loud as the case may be). Thank you.