Monday, September 10, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

541. His safe arrival in Seattle

542. Pep talks

543. The earnest look in her eyes

544. Clean, clear water from the faucet

545. Her imaginative mind

 546. Seeing (and hearing) a huge flock of geese fly past my bedroom window

547. That they waited so patiently in the long line at the post office

548. Surprise lunch dates

549. Blue herons

550. Watching a white heron glide low over sparkling water

551. When he got his sister a cup of water because she was thirsty

552. When my son walked past me and gave me a couple of pats on the back, just because

553. When they hear a favorite praise song in the car and ask me to "crank it up!"

554. That Parent Orientation night began with prayer and scripture reading

 555. Their first day of school

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