Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Dive

Last month I watched the movie U-571.  During one scene, the Americans have commandeered a crippled German U-boat (submarine), but encounter a German destroyer before they are ready to fight.  They take out the destroyer’s communication tower and then proceed to dive below the surface to escape.

Just yesterday, I brought lunch to a friend who has broken her foot and needs a little extra help these days.  As we sat at the counter munching our salads, the conversation turned toward spiritual warfare.  We both commented that we had noticed a marked increase in the spiritual warfare among the circle of people that we both know.  She expressed her frustration at being unable to help others because she must remain flat on her back in the house all day.  She also mentioned, that because of her current isolation, she has focused on praying for others.

We need to remember that we are at war with a destroyer.  It takes teamwork to operate a submarine.  One man can’t do it all.  Ministry should be marked by action, and even if we “take a hit” and are stuck on the couch, we can still pray for others, as my friend is doing.  God’s power, resources, wisdom and love are as vast and deep as the ocean (and beyond). 

Be in the Word. 
Fall on your knees.

Flip the switch.
Sound the alarm.
Dive!  Dive!  Dive!!



  1. I love this post - I completly agree about the increase in spiritual warfare. Thanks for the reminder to Dive into prayer!

  2. I agree is a team deal..this is God's plan. Just like "one body with many members" in the Body of Christ! My favorite saying is "The ONLY walk is the shared walk, because lone rangers get shot down".And TOGETHER, we CAN and WILL make aa difference for Jesus!!!