Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

781.  How a mug of hot tea warms cold hands

782.  Hearing her sing softly to herself

783.  That she wants to volunteer in the Toddler Room at church

784.  That the teachers welcomed her help!

785.  Prayer warriors who faithfully pray

786.  Pinewood derby cars

787.  Coming up with a successful "Plan B" when others were depending on me

788.  Bible studies that challenge and encourage

789.  Shopping with gift cards

790.  A guest artist at church whose words touched hearts

791.  The smell of her fresh, clean hair

792.  Hearing clothes tumble in the dryer

793.  The great strides she has made in math

794.  Encouraging updates from their piano teacher

795.  Nighttime routines

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