Monday, January 5, 2015

One by One

1276.  Two days in a beautiful vacation home on a lake

1277.  Old wooden boardwalks

1278.  Doing a photo shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park

1279.  Ice cream in a waffle cone

1280.  Serene mountain lakes

1281.  Clouds reflected in still water

1282.  Talking about heaven as we walked in the woods

1283.  Watching a storm roll in over the lake

1284.  Hearing the wind buffet against the windows

1285.  Ducks bobbing on the water

1286.  Pelicans silhouetted in a sunset sky

1287.  Alpine slides

1288.  The view from the chair lift

1289.  Rabbits on the hotel lawn

1290.  Roaming around on the UC Boulder campus...

1291.  ...listening to my son dream about his future

1292.  A day of family fun at Waterworld

1293.  Fiery sunsets that take your breath away

1294.  Watching both children participate in the July 4th parade

1295.  Spending July 4th with my family and friends

1296.  Mother-daughter weekend at the coast

1297.  Horseback riding with her on the beach

1298.  Our new car

1299.  Building Legos with her on the front porch...

1300.  ...on a warm summer evening

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