Monday, January 19, 2015

One by One

1326.  (private)

1327.  Sampling Prickly Pear ice cream

1328.  A beautiful outdoor wedding of dear friends...

1329.  ...and being asked to photograph the event

1330.  Chocolate fountains!

1331.  That M took such good care of our son

1332.  That we were home, and at the game when the football accident happened

1333.  Quick access to medical care at a medical facility that is always booked months out

1334.  How well he did with the MRI

1335.  Safe travel through torrential rain

1336.  Safe flight to Maryland

1337.  Being treated to crab cakes (a first!)

1338.  Such warm hospitality shown by her whole family

1339.  French Toast bagels from Panera Bread (another first!)

1340.  Roads with silly names ("Squirrel Level Rd.")

1341,  Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake at Olive Garden (yet another first!)

1342.  Allume Conference 2014

1343.  J and C who delayed their lunch to pray over me

1344.  When He reveals to me something difficult and unexpected...

1345.  ...and brings others alongside to minister to me as I work through it

1346.  Winning a beautiful door prize

1347.  Fun in the Smile Booth!

1348.  My new friends, Amy and Leta

1349.  Safety during the drive back to Maryland

1350.  Cream of Crab soup (yep, another first!!)

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