Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Empty

It seems the “empty” indicator is always blinking on the dashboard of my life.

A warning that energy is waning, levels are low.

It feels like I’m always running dangerously close to empty.  Can I squeeze out one more mile?  How far can I push it?  Does it really mean that I only have a gallon of fuel left?  How much leeway is there?

Why do I question and analyze, rather than accept and renew?

Lord, help me to resist the tyranny of the urgent.  Help me to slow down, pull over, refill.

When I’m running on fumes, help me to draw on Your strength. 

I recognize that only when I am empty can I be filled with You.



  1. Beautiful post, and good prayer. And it is so, so, important to slow down. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. Eeek. The tyranny of the urgent. I hear that siren call too often in my life.

    Why is it we don't generally wait until we are literally running on fumes with our car, and yet we routinely push beyond the completely empty point with ourselves?

    Reminds that in my weakness I need to lean ever more on Him.

  3. We said such similar things but came at it from completely different angles. I love it! Great post. Your first line is especially catching. Way to go. Thanks for the comment at

  4. Great 5 Minute post. He is the only fuel when my soul is empty and weary.

  5. I have been enjoying all the posts written on "empty" for 5 Minute Friday. It is always amazing to me how God speaks to so many of us about the same issues at the same time. I, too, need to "slow down, pull over, refill."