Monday, March 19, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

256.  His twelfth birthday

257.  A table full of rowdy boys eating cake and laughing

258.  The haunting hoot of an owl

259.  Bright yellow daffodils trumpeting their glory

260.  The warbled trill of a songbird

261.  A new suitcase

262.  An amazing salmon dinner (thanks, Mom!)

263.  Smooth landings

264.  A clearly overworked waitress on an understaffed shift who gave great service with a smile

265.  Two graceful swans in flight

266.  The sound of children playing kickball

267.  Seeing an amazing private collection of items representing Americana

268.  Taking a barn quilt tour through Iowa countryside

269.  "Just Peachy" ice cream

270.  Seeing geese lift off from a lake

1 comment:

  1. You're most welcome (for #262 above)! Also, I couldn't help but notice these various intriguing references in your post:

    #258 "hoot of an owl"
    #260 "trill of a songbird"
    #265 "graceful swans in flight"
    #270 "geese lift off from a lake"

    Interesting theme... I love the mental pictures you provide for us. Thanks, Mom