Monday, March 12, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

241.  Dappled sunlight through the evergreens

242.  Waking up to snow (even if it didn't stick)

243.  The smell of coffee brewing

244.  The love note and candy she left on my pillow

245.  Listening to her imaginative play in the next room

246.  Seeing improvement in skills I'm working on

247.  Sharing blog links with friends

248.  Finding the business card I lost

249.  Smoke curling from chimneys

250.  Budding trees

251.  Chocolate brown sheep

252.  Wispy clouds across a butter yellow moon

253.  Hearing his sweet prayer

254.  Seeing so many Bibles on the desks in his classroom

255.  Hearing a room full of children lift their voices in praise and worship


  1. There's got to be a touching occasion or event that prompted you to identify the gifts of #254 and especially #255 above. Would you care to share it? You've given us a glimpse of a setting that begs for more~~that is, if sharing the details would not violate anyone's privacy. ~~Love, Mom

  2. I identified #253, #254, and #255 when I volunteered in Nathan's classroom last Friday. Every morning they have chapel to start their day. Nathan was selected to pray for the day, and it just touched my heart to hear my child praying so earnestly to the Lord in front of his peers. As I lifted my head from the prayer, I noticed how many Bibles (well worn, I might add) were sitting on the desks all around the room. This certainly isn't a sight that you would see in a public school today. Before the Bible study portion of chapel, the kids spend time singing. Again, corporate worship won't be found in a public classroom. All of this reminded me of how blessed we are to have him at that school where a Christian worldview is espoused and taught to these precious children.

  3. Thank you, Julie. I'm so glad you were willing to share this experience. As a matter of fact, when I wrote the first comment, I almost included #253 above as well, but then realized that "his sweet prayer" could easily have been heard at home. So thank you for speaking to the occasion of #253 too, as I did wonder about it. Yes, I can imagine the joy it must have given you to hear Nathan pray publicly at his pre-teen age when, typically, children begin to be very conscious of what their peers think. Most of all, I thank God for the opportunity that both Nathan and Noelle have for strong Christian training in a biblical worldview--at his school as well as at home, church, and other opportunities. Love, Mom