Monday, October 15, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

616.  Hot showers

617.  That she was a peacemaker on the playground

618.  His "I love you" texts

619.  Excellent report cards

620.  Going to bed early

621.  Faithful prayer warriors

622.  The soft coo of a mourning dove

623.  Same day appointment with the chiropractor

624.  A hug from her teacher

625.  Sharing in the joy of a friend's new granddaughter

626.  Crisp October mornings

627.  A celebratory dinner

628.  The earthy smell of a horse stable

629.  Watching my son persevere

630.  Working together with my son as a team


  1. You have some "I agree" gifts on your list this week. :)

  2. Just "flew" in to take a peak at your blog, love, love the sweet simplicity and how perfectly it reflects who you are - beautiful! From one birdie to another - I plan to drop in and nest with you for encouragement!

    1. Thanks for "flying in!" You're welcome in my nest any time! It was such a joy and blessing to meet you this weekend. Thank you for the sweet note you left on my touched my heart! I came home and put it on the bulletin board right by my computer! :)