Monday, October 8, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

601.  Waffles with fresh strawberries piled high

602.  Watching a seal play in the surf

603.  Watching waves build and crest

604.  Her first phone call to a friend

605.  Having ingredients on hand

606.  When she comforted a child who was crying on the playground

607.  Reading children's books out loud to a captivated child

608.  That he took the kids to school and let me sleep in

609.  That my son can fix broken toilets

610.  Shimmering rainbows in sprinkler spray

611.  Flannel sheets, warm and cozy

612.  Lemon drops

613.  The sweet note that she left on the principal's desk at school

614.  A new camera

615.  Home grown melons


  1. Praise the Lord for a blessed list! Just stopping by from Ann's blog...we're neighbors this week...

  2. 601 YUM!!
    And the next two, wish I was sitting there watching too.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.