Monday, November 11, 2013

One by One

(These are gifts that I recorded during the summer while I took a break from blogging.  I'm listing more than usual in an attempt to get caught up to date!)

1026.  Bumpy truck rides up a mountain

1027.  Mining for quartz crystal

1028.  The deep, earthy red color of jasper

1029.  Arriving home after four plane rides and 15 hours in the airport system

1030.  Friends who helped us pack and move...

1031.  ...and did so with cheerful hearts...

1032.  ...that made the process joyful and fun!

1033.  Our new home

1034.  Discovering that we had already met our neighbors through a mutual acquaintance

1035.  Three different families who warmly welcomed us to the neighborhood

1036.  Potlucks in the park on a warm summer evening

1037.  Visiting our friends in Washington

1038.  My new rice cooker

1039.  That my daughter curled up next to me in bed while I listened to a podcast on Psalm 120

1040.  Moonlit wheat fields

1041.  Learning about the Psalms of Ascent

1042.  Her excitement over decorating her new clubhouse

1043.  Eating dinner on the patio

1044.  Watching the sun set with friends

1045.  Slices of cold, crisp watermelon

1046.  that he packed for camp by himself...

1047.  ...and did a great job!

1048.  Sending care packages

1049.  That the old house went to "pending" status

1050.  Running into friends at the coast...

1051.  ...and being treated to a lovely dinner overlooking the ocean (even if it was fogged in!)

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