Monday, November 25, 2013

One By One

1076.  A principal with an open door policy

1077.  That she stood strong in the face of a threat because she knew the truth and wasn't afraid

1078.  Family portraits under an old oak tree

1079.  Playful puppies in the pet shop window

1080.  Cotton clouds stretched low across the foothills

1081.  Having peace about a hard decision

1082.  A sunny afternoon at the pumpkin patch

1083.  Tromping through the corn maze

1084.  Hay rides

1085.  A big hug from my friend Jacque at Mercy Found Me

1086.  Safe landing in Greenville, SC

1087.  Discovering I was the hotel's "Guest of the Day"

1088.  When he texts me to let me know he's praying for me

1089.  Allume 2013

1090.  Receiving a long awaited answer to prayer...

1091.  ...and the answer was more than I asked for

1092.  Family Fun Night at church

1093.  A flock of wild turkeys

1094.  Speckled feathers

1095.  Watching my son earn his black belt in Taekwondo

1096.  That he avoided serious injury during the four hour test

1097.  Celebratory dinners with the whole family, including grandparents!!

1098.  How my brother makes me laugh

1099.  Maple bars

1100.  Little girls holding hands in a prayer circle   


  1. Reading your list I found some things I'm thankful for too - maple bars, specked feathers, the principal's open door policy, and if my husband were in texting, that I'd receive a text saying he's praying for me. Instead he walks in from the garage with a message of encouragement. :) Stopped in from Ann's linkup.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Encouraging messages from the garage are wonderful too! Happy Thanksgiving! :)