Monday, November 18, 2013

One By One

1052.  Seeing improvement and confidence in how she handles a horse

1053.  Singing camp songs together in Subway

1054.  That she made fresh squeezed lemonade...

1055.  ...and it was pretty good!

1056.  Seeing her hair in pigtails

1057.  When her friend said that we were an "awesome family."

1058.  First day of school 2013

1059.  Pictures on the porch

1060.  When she listed me as one of her heroes

1061.  "Up" and hot chocolate with the kids

1062.  A husband who has integrity

1063.  Walking the loop with my friend, M

1064.  The wonderful meal P made for me when I was sick

1065.  My pastor who is faithful in his study and teaching of the Word

1066.  When people operate in their gifts to bless others

1067.  Birthday, 2013

1068.  Birthday dinner with my parents

1069.  That our old house sold quickly and without incident

1070.  Attending a Precept Bible Study on a weekly basis

1071.  Phone conversations with my brother

1072.  Listening to my son's monologue for drama class

1073.  His maturity in being able to accept constructive criticism

1074.  When he received positive feedback from his teacher and peers for his performance

1075.  A warm, dry home on blustery nights

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