Saturday, February 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Open

Stubborn jar lids.  It seems to be an inevitability of life.  I’m in the middle of prepping a meal and grab a jar.  I give it a twist, and nothing happens.  Applying a bit more pressure, I wait to hear that magical “pop” of the seal breaking, but don’t feel it budge…not even a little bit.  I give it one more go, applying every ounce of strength I’ve got, red in the face, muscles straining.  Nothing.  Figuring maybe my hands are slippery, I grab a towel and try again, but to no avail.  By this time, I usually grab a butter knife and start beating around the lid in a few places with the handle.  That usually is enough to pop the seal, and then I can twist it right off.

God has placed within us gifts and abilities He wants to use for the kingdom.  We need to be willing and open to both receive from Him, as well as to pour out what He has given us in order to bless others.  Do our hearts and lives resemble a stubborn jar lid, unmoving and requiring incredible pressure to open?  Or are we the jar that opens easily, ready to be poured out and used for His glory?