Monday, February 9, 2015

One by One

Continuing to get caught up on recording His gifts and blessings...

1366.  Taking my son out on his first Black Friday experience...

1367.  ...and the item he wanted was marked lower than the ad price

1368.  Standing in line for an hour with him, people-watching and chatting about whatever he wanted to talk about

1369.  The fun names given to colors on paint strips

1370.  Reminiscing about past Christmases...

1371.  ...while decorating this year's tree

1372.  Splurging on a special experience

1373.  Laughing until my cheeks ached

1374.  Evenings so fun it feels like a blur

1375.  Breakfast in an old, converted church

1376.  A newly painted office

1377.  Seeing Christmas lights at the Oregon Garden

1378.  Christmas Eve traditions

1379.  Christmas 2014

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