Monday, February 23, 2015

One by One

1380.  New home office furniture...

1381.  ...including a comfy chair I've had my eye on for years

1382.  Ferry ride to Catalina Island

1383.  Watching dolphins and seals play in the water

1384.  His expert driving skills in avoiding an accident

1385.  Another successful Whisperings All-Star Event

1386.  Conquering something technological on my own with no help!

1387.  Brisk walks in the fog

1388.  Her sweet Valentine's Day song that she made up for me

1389.  His written words of love

1390.  That she opens up to me when her heart is hurting

1391.  Glorious sunsets on the beach

1392.  A great group of kids on the yearbook committee

1393.  Surprising my kids with homemade cookies

1394.  Finding the perfect piece of fabric to complete a project

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