Monday, February 2, 2015

One By One

1351.   A safe flight and drive home

1352.  That my friends loved the photos I took of their wedding

1353.  The gracious people at Revell Books

1354.  How the Lord orchestrated her doctor appointment

1355.  Sweet-smelling candles

1356.  Spending a whole day just resting and being in the Word

1357.  She Reads, a recent discovery!

1358.  When conversations go deep

1359.  A surprise visit from my parents

1360.  Receiving a gift...just because!

1361.  Enjoying a peek into her creativity

1362.  Dinner and dessert with a friend

1363.  An updated laundry room

1364.  A fresh new journal

1365.  Every seat filled at the Thanksgiving table

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